February 10, 2015

Playa Del Carmen | Paradisus Destination Wedding

In December we traveled to Playa Del Carmen for Maddy and Anup’s destination wedding at Paradisus and it was a trip of a lifetime! We got the opportunity to travel just the two of us and spend a few extra days vacationing after the wedding! Paradisus was off-the-charts gorgeous! The weather in December was such a nice break from Seattle winter, everyone was so fun and Maddy and Anup’s family and friends were so incredibly welcoming. We love love destination weddings and can’t wait for all our travels in 2015! mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3245 Playa Del Carmen was incredible! Enjoy some of our vacation photos!
mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3246 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3247 We decided to upgrade to a swim up room at Paradisus and it was one of the best decisions we could make! Right outside our patio we had access to our own private pool! We had it to ourselves (plus sweet staff that came poolside to bring drinks or snacks!). It was perfect! mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3248 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3249 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3250 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3251 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3287
mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3253 Thank you Maddy for all the thoughtful welcome gifts! mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3254 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3255 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3256 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3257 Yay for Starbucks! mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3258 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3259 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3260 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3261 Every night we’d come back from dinner to fresh slippers, towels and chocolates! mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3262 DCIM999GOPRO mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3264 We’re not naked I swear! mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3265 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3266 We did an evening session post-wedding with Maddy and Anup and they insisted on taking photos of US! mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3267 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3268 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3269 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3270 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3271 This is our “we’re up at 5am for photos and to watch the sunrise and its AMAZING” face! mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3272 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3273
mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3275 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3276 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3277 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3278 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3279 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3280 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3281 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3282 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3283 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3284 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3285 mexico-destination-wedding-photographer_3286



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