April 22, 2016

Liza and Jimmy | A Coffee shop meets classic Mercedes Engagement Session

When I first started making plans with Liza for her engagement session with Jimmy, we talked about what they love most, what they love to do together and what their interests are. When Liza suggested meeting at an awesome coffee shop in Pioneer Square to start off their engagement session, and then take some photos with one of Jimmy’s favorite classic cars, a totally gorgeous white Mercedes- it was perfect for them! IĀ loved the atmosphere (and not to forget to mention the incredible lighting in there!) at Elm Roasters. Jimmy and Liza are completely complimentary of each other and perfect together. They clearly make each otherĀ so happy and major kudos to them for being in business together! There’s a special place in my heart for couples that work together like Steven and I do! Jimmy took the women in his family with him to help pick out Liza’s ring-how special is that! Liza and Jimmy, I adore you guys and can’t wait until wedding day! It’s coming up so soon!

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