January 10, 2018

Grooms Guide Part 4: Your Reception

Oh boy! My favorite part of the day. Don’t get me wrong any part of every wedding day, epic! I am just a huge fan of FOOD and DANCING, which the majority of your reception consist of just that.

Grooms Guide Part 4: The Reception

It is my opinion,  that your reception is the time of day that you relish in the ceremony that just took place. You do this with the people you invited to stand beside you in your vows to each other. This is the opportunity to see everyone you invited and meet their plus one. From signing your marriage license to your fancy exit, here is The Reception!

Taking care of a little business first! Customs and traditions all have a different time slot for this.  marriage license signing

Cocktail Hour, mmmmm appetizers and bevies! Social Hour for you and your guests. Some couples decide they want sunset or extra portrait time here, or just hang out in the bridal suite and share a moment together!

cocktails wine, beer

libations!  libation, bar sign

I love appetizers. That is all!

It’ll add an awesome element if you decide to have yard games for guest, or for yourself if you’re like me and have to compete when challenged! wedding outdoor games

The shenanigans, I kind of envy how cool these two are.
wedding day shenanigans

Strategy is key to winning beer pong.
water beer pong

Not today fellas. Sorry. water beer pong water beer pong

Whether sunset happens during cocktail hour or thereafter, we always love the opportunity to take a few minutes for these officially married photos!

wedding day sunset portrait

Or just a quick stop by the sorting hat before your entrance! the sorting hat

Newly married portrait time before the entrance into the reception!
wedding day portrait

Extra time with your bridal party.   bridal party portrait

Bro IN.                                                                                      Bro OUT.  wedding day sunset portrait

ON the Argosy  wedding day portraits on a boat

Well, if you ever day dream of making a grand entrance, now is your chance! wedding day grand entrance into reception wedding day grand entrance into reception

How cool is this waterfront entrance onto the boat for the ceremony, and reception! EPIC!  wedding day grand entrance into reception

I love the enthusiasm here!  wedding day grand entrance into reception

Grab a quick pic at your sweetheart table! couple at sweetheart table couple at sweetheart table

It’s always fun to get photos with your guests so that you look back and remember who was at your Wedding.
wedding day family and friend photo

Love capturing these types of candid moments!            Gimme your best wedding day smile!  candid wedding day

Dinner time. It is imperative to not get hangry on your wedding day! Good Food happy people!   wedding day food photographs

If everyone would please take a moment of silence for food, because FOOD! wedding day food photographs

Now lets have a toast. CHEERS! To the Bride and Groom!  toast to the bride and groom toast to the bride and groom toast to the bride and groom toast to the bride and groom toast to the bride and groom

And then there was this one time that the Groom toasted to us!! WOW! Sharing Anniversaries with such wonderful couples means the world to us!  toast to the bride and groom

Dads being funny with their toast.                                    Am I going to far? Ha Ha.  toast to the bride and groom

How about some shoe game?                                                                  Or Nah? wedding shoe game

Winner Winner chicken dinner! wedding shoe game

First Dance. I personally have seen it all the way from an intimate moment where they were the only two in the room, to light hearted and silly, and everything in between! Full songs played or literally seconds! wedding day first dance wedding day first dance wedding day first dance wedding day first dance

Being a parent gives endless special moments, none better than during  your first dance.
wedding day first dance wedding day first dance

Such a beautiful moment, but….. wedding day first dance

WHOOPS!! BONK!!                                                                               Sorry! wedding day first dance

All is FORGIVEN! wedding day first dance

And ended beautifully.   wedding day first dance wedding day first dance wedding day first dance

A dance with your Daughter. These moments are precious!  wedding day dad and daughter dance

A dance with Mom! You’re a busy guy on your wedding day, but there is always time for mom. mom and groom wedding day dance

It’s ok to deliver tissue to the dance floor if needed! mom and groom wedding day dance

Well, now that I’m crying tears of joy from all the special moments. Time for cake! Or cake Smash!
wedding day cake cutting

One of the first tasks, as hubby and wifey,  you will have to complete as a team. Good Luck.  wedding day cake cutting wedding day cake cutting

Quick Anniversary dance                                                     They have been married forever! wedding day anniversary dance

Here comes the DJ’s, the party drivers 0f your night!  Even the planner has to get down every once in a while.  Wedding DJ

DJ Tony Schwartz in the Hizzy!  Wedding DJ Wedding DJ Wedding DJ

DeeJayDW energy level is through the roof!

Wedding DJ

High powered party with DJ Otto Olson. Always great lighting, awesome music! And LOUD! Wedding DJ Wedding DJ

Ummm….Did I mention Dancing. dancing at a wedding

Scott was the MASTER of Line dancing!  dancing at a wedding dancing at a wedding dancing at a wedding

This guy’s shoe game and dance moves were on point! dancing at a wedding dancing at a wedding dancing at a wedding

Sing it!  “Hava Nagila” (No really, click to sing it!) dancing at a wedding

Garter Toss time. If you chose to do a garter toss, they can get pretty entertaining!
garter toss garter toss garter toss garter toss garter toss

Kenneth getting Iced with his garter! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! garter toss

No Problem for Kenneth. He’s a happy guy!
garter toss

Nothing wrong with a lil “Bump n’ Grind”                    That much talent and it hits the ground!

If you chose a photo booth, they can be fun for everyone!
photo booth photo booth

photo booth

Oh, and did I mention there’s dancing! dancing dancing dancing

Fireworks too!
fireworks fireworks

Oh how we love The Kelley Farm on a wedding night!  the kelley farm

Throw your hands up in the AIR! dancing

YASSS!!!! dancing

You da’ man Homie! dancing

Rooms spinning. Just kidding camera trick! dancing dancing dancing dancing

Cigar time with fellas! VIP invite only.  cigar smoking

Late night snack yo’ must have!! Remember NO HANGRIES! late night snack

Had a Blast but its time for wedding day to be over 🙁 New years eve wedding kiss

So lets get our Sparklers and head outside!  sparkler exit

Or glow-sticks. glow-stick exit

Note to self: Your bros will schwack you if you give them foam light ups! So give them foam light ups!  light up exit

What a night!  wedding exit

Good Night and Goodbye from your Wedding day!   wedding exit

Thank you for reading and viewing the Groom’s Guide! If you missed any part of the Groom’s Guide or just need tips! check them out here Lloyd Photog Tips!








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