February 26, 2015

Cannon Beach | Family Adventures at the Seasprite

It’s been a surprisingly really busy “off-season.” We’ve been lucky to meet lots of amazing couples getting married in 2015 and 2016 to welcome to our wedding family, and decided that what we miss most when life gets really busy is the time to just be together, as a family, adventuring around Washington- hiking, exploring, and taking photos purely for inspiration, fun and our own memories. cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3350 A few weeks back we ventured for an overnighter at the Seasprite in Cannon Beach-the cutest little condo/bungalows right on the beach! We packed food to cook, our cameras, clothes that were sand proof (well, not really) and our beach chairs and got on the road! We loved everything about staying at Seasprite and spent our time jaws dropping with how amazing the views were right from our little kitchen/living room! Here’s a little glimpse into our trip! cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3307 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3308 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3309 The view right from the window/porch/backyard! We loved it! cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3310 Seriously such a cute little place! cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3311 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3312 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3313 Our place! cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3314 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3315 Maddux is forever in his happy place at the beach!  cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3316 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3317 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3318 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3319 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3320 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3321 I love this shot Steven took! cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3322 A little impromptu headshot! cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3323 My world. Right here in a photo. These two have the best smiles! Such a perfect day. cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3324 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3325 No!! Don’t eat the sand! cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3326 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3327 Maddux has finally grasped the concept that he should just smile for me and it’ll take less time! cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3328 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3329 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3330 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3331 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3332 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3333 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3334 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3335 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3336 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3337 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3338 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3339 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3340 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3341 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3342 After Maddux went to bed we had so much fun enjoying our wine and taking some night time shots! cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3343 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3344 So gorgeous in the morning! cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3345 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3346 I love that the last few cabins/bungalows we’ve stayed in had a journal for guests to write in. It’s so nice to read about other people’s adventures, tips, favorite restaurants and things to do/see. cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3347 Finishing off the trip with some salt water taffy and shopping! cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3348 cannon-beach-seasprite-wedding-photographer_3349



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